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Marcel Nussbaumer

In 2003, I acquired my first Saluki from Jaqi TerHAAR, Sterling Salukis,  "Dude" Can. CH. Sterling Zaharah Flamenco, CGN (Phaeton Gemini Louis Lambert x Sterling Ebony Silhouette) was my Introduction to the Saluki world. In 2006, I imported EnAyat NikA Hadi el Basher (Deru Mowgli Hadi el Basher x Zanji Irabi Hadi el Basher)  from Belgium, NikA has proven him self in the ring and was pointed in the field. Rah, Barakisch Naxost Xalife  (Latif Min El Akbar x Barakisch Javedani Liaqat) came to live with me in 2007. After the loss of Dude & Rah, Py,

Multi best in Field, Multi best in Event, Am. DC, Can. Ch. Swiss Ch.

Karob Pythagoras of Celeritas, Can. FCh. SC, MC, LCM ( Ziba Indus x Karob Artemis At Ephesus) came to live with me and Nika. My hounds are first and foremost companions and live in the House as part of the Family. I participate in conformation showing and lure-coursing. My Salukis are exclusively owner Handled.

I have served as:

-Regional Director BC & Yukon,  Saluki Club of Canada 

-Show Chair,  Saluki Club of Canada    

-Publicity Chair, Saluki Club of Canada

-President and Past President, Saluki Club of Canada.

-Secretary for the Swiss Club of Oriental Sighthounds (SCOW),

-Ring Secretary for the SKG (Schweizerische Kynologische Gesellschaft).

-Assessor of the exhibition commission for the Swiss Retriever Club.


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