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Can. Ch. Swiss Vet. Ch.  Veteran Winner Donaueschingen 2014, Enayat Nika Hadi el Basher, NC

* 29.12.2005 - + 14.09.2020


Breeder: Daniela & Henk Van der Lichte / Hadi el Basher

Loved by Marcel Nussbaumer / Enayat


Let me sleep, do not cover my breast with weeping and sighing, do not speak of grief from my departure, but close your eyes, and you will see me among you, now and ever.

(Khalil Gibran)

Nika`s pedigree 

Shows 2015

IHA Kreuzlingen 17.05. 2015, V1 VetCAC

NHA Aarau 20.06.2015, V1 VetCAC Vet. Winner

SCOW CAC Show 4.07.2015, V2 Res. VetCAC

CAC Kleindöttingen 4.07.2015. V2 Res. VetCAC

SCOW Top Ten Veteran Winner 2015



Shows 2014

May 10, St. Gallen Animalia, V1, Vet CAC

June 21, NHA Aarau, Veteran Class SG1

August 2. VetVDH, Vet CAC, Veteran Winner

Donaueschingen 2014

August 30. V1, Vet CAC at Swisscombytrophy in Lotzwil

Nov. 15. IHA Geneva, V1 Vet. CAC ,

became Swiss Vet. Champion

Nov. 16. IHA Geneva, V1, Vet. CAC

SCOW Top Ten Veteran Winner 2014  


Mating partners: 1, 

Offspring: 6 (3 Male / 3 Female)

Enayat Nika Hadi el Basher x Burydown Violane Gem

May 9th. 2010

Faridaat BrynM Caramel Fudge (F)

Faridaat Falena (F)

Faridaat Fareed (M)

Faridaat Feonix (M)

Faridaat Finneas (M)

Faridaat Firefly (F)

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